Новости китайских смартфонов Piston 3 — new original headphones from Xiaomi

Piston 3 — new original headphones from Xiaomi


Headphones «Piston» have an excellent performance, design, and attractive price. Beijing company Xiaomi Tech introduced an updated Piston 3 headset.

Outward appearance


Xiaomi Piston 3 (codenamed Huosai) — distinguished by their appearance on the background of previous generations headphones. As is the case with beryllium Mi Headphones, new Piston 3 were designed by 1more studio, headphones turned out quite original.

The construction

xiaomi-piston-3New «Pistons» as previous version Piston 2 are made from aluminium alloy (anodized aluminum resistant to corrosion), but Xiaomi promises more solid, reinforced structure, which will allow them to last longer. Cable armature has a coating of bulletproof kevlar. This is done to ensure that the headphones cable was sufficient tensile resistant and tough enough to not tangle (the eternal problem of wired headsets).

huosai-pult-upravleniya-xiaomi-piston-3The cable has three-button remote control. Using it you can answer (or cancel) an incoming call, adjust the volume of music and to put the track on pause — pretty standard stuff for this console. The center button has a bulge in the middle as a volume point that will help you find the right key and not to miss the mark with a push, even in the dark.

In fact we have standard in-ear headphones, but unlike forever falling out from ear Xiaomi Piston 2, these are assured manufacturer, will keep better in the ear.


The shape of the Piston 3 was designed by Xiaomi based on researches carried out with the help of the collected medical data. The company says that the headphones are perfect for ear otter average user, they do not crush and do not cause discomfort or fatigue, even after prolonged continuous operation.



The most interesting thing in Xiaomi Piston 3 — this is certainly sound. It uses new patented technology of sound transmission through a plurality of membranes made from metallic composite materials. Xiaomi reduced attenuation of frequencies in the channel, this means a more realistic, accurate and «rich» sound for users.

Specs comparison of the headphones Piston 3 and Piston 2:

Xiaomi Piston 2

Xiaomi Piston 3


Gold (Champagne)

Black and Metallic

Frequency range

20Hz – 20kHz

20kHz – 20kHz


12 Ohm

32 Ohm


93 dB

98 dB


3 mW

5 mW

Mini Jack

3.5mm, gold plated

3.5 мм, gold plated

Remote control

Kevlar cover

Kevlar cover

Cable length



Cabel color







Everyone knows that the most important part of the headphones is the speaker, and the most important part of the speaker is the membrane. Xiaomi embedded innovative piston membranes made of metal composite materials that provide crystal-sounding on midrange (middle frequencies).


For low and high frequency corresponds «the sandwich» construction, made of aerospace metal. The use of such technology allows to achieve excellent sound on any, both low mid and high frequencies.



Xiaomi Piston 3 were awarded Red Dot Award 2015 — is something like «Oscar» in industrial design. This is one of the most influential design awards in the world and it was nominated among such companies as: Adidas, BMW, Sony, Apple, Siemens and others.

Xiaomi conducted 800 tests on the reliability of this headset. Reliability index in turn was higher than the nominal value in the industry.

Also new Piston 3 have been certified by the Swiss safety monitoring of toxic materials. New headphones from Xiaomi do not contain hazardous materials and are RoHS Compliant — do not contain toxic substances such as mercury, lead, cadmium and hexavalent chromium. And the test results of Piston 3 are on the same level with other famous brands: AKG, Beyerdynamic, Sennheiser and Beats.

Xiaomi Piston 3 come in black plastic gift box. The are headphones and three pairs of nozzles for different sizes of ear cavity — S, L, XL in the set.

naushniki-mi-piston-3-ot-kitaiskoi-kompanii-xiaomiXiaomi Piston 3 will be avaliable in the near future in China at a beautiful price of 99 Yuans, or $16. Xiaomi is going to open their online stores with accessories in USA and Europe. It is very likely that the new headset will soon be able to buy US and European residents.



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