Новости китайских смартфонов Xiaomi and AOKP partneship — April fool’s joke?

Xiaomi and AOKP partneship — April fool’s joke?


As perviously reported Xiaomi and Android Open Kang Project have been developing MIUI V7 together. But it seem it’s just a joke, the April fool’s joke!

On the first this post appeared in AOKP’s official blog. It says, that Chinese smartphone maker and ROM developer are going to collaborate to create the next MIUI numberd 7. Everybody belived in this, because we all observed the similar situation with CyanogenMod and Yu Yureka in India.

Existing version MIUI V6

Also the post says that new MIUI has codename MiKangy (what is really sounds implausible).

But according to the updated post in AOKP’s it was just Kanglings trolling. It is unbelievable, but a lot of tech blogs (Xiaomi Report too) have taken this info for the truth!


So «MiKnagy» it just a joke, very good and successful joke!


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