Новости китайских смартфонов Xiaomi breaks its last year record

Xiaomi breaks its last year record


Xiaomi was celebrating thier fifth anniversary during the whole last week. #Mifanfest has proved to be their craziest sale yet. Company shares the new records on its official Twitter account.

During last 12-hour sale  Xiaomi earned 2 billion Yuan, and also sold 2.04 million smartphones. It’s new record for Xiaomi, for example lasy year at the same 12-hour marathon it were sold 1.3 million phones and earning the company revenue of 1.5 billion Chinese Yuan ($242.000).


All sales results:

  • 2.9 million total orders made
  • 720 thousand smart appliences were sold
  • 2.04 phones were sold
  • 39 thousand TV set
  • 170 million total accessories revenue
  • 2 billiard RMB were earned
Photo: Weibo

Xiaomi thanked everyone for their support. Don’t forget, Mi India will celebrate the Fans Day too.


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