Новости китайских смартфонов Xiaomi Mi Note’s feature that will make you laugh

Xiaomi Mi Note’s feature that will make you laugh


Mi Note is one of the most interesting offers on the world market. It’s powerful, great designed and cheaper then compeptitors. Also there is one unusual fearture, that will make you return to the phone again and again.

According to the Mashable’s report, there’s a cute thing in Mi Note’s camera, it can recognize your gender and age. Front selfie camera uses facial recognition and it can exaclty (or not very accurate) devine it’s users age and gender. Raymond Wong (Mashable) has shown this feature to different people and the all liked it. The success of front camera ability is not in its accurate recognition, but in fun, than it generates.

Xiaomi Mi Note bamboo edition

Author says, thay one time the camera recognized his as a 18-year-old girl! Different angles of view, lightning and interior affect the result. As we know, that the angles matter is selfie shots.


It is very funny and original feature of Mi Note, that stand out the Xiaomi’s smartphone among others.

Source Mashable.


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