Новости китайских смартфонов Xiaomi strengthens the influence of its personal brand

Xiaomi strengthens the influence of its personal brand


Beijing-based company Xiaomi Tech arranges meetups for thier fans to make brand «Mi» stronger.

Wall Street Journal reports that Xiaomi led by Lei Jun orginizes party in most prestigious nightclubs of China for thier Mi Fans.

For example: Zhao Ruiping works in a factory in southern part of China, but last Saturday night he spent in the club as ViP guest of Lei Jun.

Zhao says that he is a simple worker and he can’t afford himself such expensive places.

I’ve never been in the club before

says Zhao Ruiping

Xiaomi gave a party to 300 their fans. That’s good example of great marketing and interection with user. That is why their customers are so loyal to the brand. Lei Jun’s company is very popular in native Chinese market, but it need to spread all over the world to become not local, but global brand.

Lei Jun on the presentation of Mi Note January 15

Lei Jun said, that his dream Xiaomi became world’s largest smartphone manufucturer, but this is not all. He wants to bring smartphone experience to other smart things in every house like TV-sets, air puriffers, conditions and others. In other words to make normal home smart and to provide a good life for his consumers.

What if Chinses products can be quality and beautiful? What if the Chinese no longer to envy German or Japan?

says Lei Jun

The company is enhancing at an unprecedented pace. Today Xiaomi is the most fast-growing technological startup, but it’s share in non-Chinese (and non-Asian) countries is still small.

Mi smart house sensors

Mr. Zhao thanked Xiaomi and said that he was never been ViP. But thanks Xiaomi he felt that he is important. Factory worker got some presents from company, among them — two web cameras and two Wi-Fi smart power plugs.

Xiaomi’s community is one of the most important reasons of success of the company on a par with the quality and price of products.

Source WSJ.


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